The first school in Archer City was opened in 1880, the same year Archer County was organized. A wooden framed building at the south end of square, purchased by progressive-minded citizens, served as a school on weekdays and as the town's only church on Sundays. 

According to the abstract for land which is now situated at the corner of South Mulberry and West Plum streets, this property was deeded on August 3, 1893, by J.P. Boyd to the Archer City School District. A two-room school was first built on the property facing south on West Plum, and in a few years a two-story framed building was erected on the corner of the two named streets. 

The latter building was used until the fall of 1910, at which time the seven teachers and approximately 200 students proudly moved to the new two-story sandstone building which had been erected on the present campus located on S. Ash Street. During the summer of 1925 the sandstone building was torn down and the stone was used to add the third story to the courthouse. 

School was held in churches and downtown structures during construction in 1925-1926 of the south wing of the three-story red brick building. About ten years later a north wing was added. This structure stood until the summer of 2015. 
1967 Photo
(Courtesy of Archer City H.S.)