In 1967, in the small, wind-swept town of Penny out in West Texas, Bobby Hargrove’s high school football career ended before it ever got off the ground. One year later, determined to try again, only one obstacle stands in his way—Head Coach Jack Stoner. Inspired by his best friend, Dilly, and a most unexpected admirer named Meg, Bobby anxiously awaits the chance to prove himself and guide the Pirates to victory.

“Grab yourself a big ol’ glass of sweet tea and sit back for an afternoon of enjoyable readin’. This book has it all: Hard-nosed football, heartfelt romance and enough laughs to fill a No. 2 washtub. If I had my druthers though, it’d be called, The Football Hero and His Best Bud Dilly. But that’s just me.”  —Dilly Binzwanger, Age 70

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